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Beauty Dos and Don’ts for Women Over 50

It’s often said that women want it all but, truth be told, I think we secretly want less… think fewer crow’s feet, fewer sunspots, and fewer vertical lip lines.

Instead of banning the use of magnifying mirrors (which, let’s face it, some of us really need), I challenge you to embrace aging gracefully while taking advantage of simple and subtle beauty tips that can help you look younger, healthier and happier no matter your age. Here are my top beauty dos and don’ts for women over 50.

Do! Blue Mascara

Eyes express our personality, our warmth and a certain coolness that gives us attitude,  so it’s not surprising that the newest color tones of mascara on the market are different hues of blue.

Recently, I read a magazine article about the new blue mascaras on the market, so I ran across the street to Neiman’s to experiment. Here is what I discovered…

Givenchy is subtle and very elegant while Dior’s version is a deeper cobalt blue. And finally, Guerlain’s navy is gorgeous!

I bought Dior! Have you tried this blue mascara trend? Do you dare?

No Powder Blush

“Never use powder blush again. Go to your makeup closet right this minute and toss that powder blush. Replace it with creams, sticks, and tints—that’s all you need. They are mistake-proof and starting with a little controllable dab, you can easily build a visible natural color.”

I did not write these lines, darlings, but rather, this is the advice of Andrea Robinson, author of “Toss The Gloss, Beauty Tips, Tricks and Truths for Women 50+” and former beauty editor of Vogue magazine, as well as President of Tom Ford Cosmetics. (And you know I love Tom Ford!)

Try opting for a cream blush such as Laura Mercier Creme Cheek Color ($22.50 at Nordstrom).

Do! Well Groomed, Thick Eyebrows

Nothing will age you as quickly as sparse brows, which is why keeping your brows as lush as possible is one of the easiest ways to shave years off your face.  If your brows are already over-tweezed or over-waxed, it’s time to give them room to grow (back).

Brow guru, Ramy, tells AARP that a multi-vitamin is the key to restoring youth to sparse brows, stating, “Take a good multivitamin plus biotin and zinc, and use a moisturizing protein serum designed to encourage hair growth.”

In the meantime, fill your brows in. If you are missing hair entirely in some areas, opt for a wax-based product or a wax-based pencil or powder that will adhere to the bare skin.

Step Away From the Frost

At a certain age, anything with frost will generally add years to your face rather than deducting them. Opt instead for a matte finish in lipsticks and eyeshadows.

Eyeshadow that is metallic will tend to gather in fine lines. For example, if you see the word “shimmer” in a makeup product name or description, walk the other way!

Do! Reach for a Bold Bronzer (But Say No to Glitter)

A soft, sun-kissed look can perk up your complexion, providing your bronzer-of-choice is free of glitter.

Both Guerlain and Clinique make finely milled bronzers, which, due to their texture, are far less likely to settle into fine lines on the skin. I love this one affordably priced option by Clinique.

Always Say Yes to Inner Beauty

Bobbi Brown tells AARP that beauty at 50+ starts with lifestyle changes. I agree!

“I can’t emphasize enough how what you put into your body affects your looks, energy level and the way you feel about yourself. Drink plenty of water to hydrate and plump up your skin, eat well, exercise and get enough sleep. Pick healthy snacks like fresh juices, kale chips, and raw almonds,” said Brown.

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Let’s Hear From You!

Darlings, I would love to hear what products, tips, or tricks you feel help you age more gracefully. Share your thoughts and go-to products either in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.

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