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Beauty After 50: The Benefits of CBD Products

Darlings, for our beauty blog this week, we have a lovely contributor, Jayde Ingram. Jayde speaks to the growing use of CBD beauty products and its ever-increasing popularity. I hope you find it as educational as I did. 

Why CBD Beauty Products Are Becoming a Favorite Among Women Over 50

In a report from earlier this year, sales of CBD in the United States are predicted to exceed $20 billion by 2024. From honey to pet treats to coffee, you can find CBD in almost everything imaginable.

For those who are unfamiliar with the oil, cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid.

Despite some confusion regarding the topic, the substance is legal when extracted from the hemp plant. The reason for its increase in popularity is primarily due to its various health and beauty benefits. Those who prefer a holistic remedy for a number of ailments are turning to CBD for its proven abilities. The oil has even been named as a key to aging well for many excellent reasons.

Let me help you discover why CBD beauty products are becoming a go-to for women over the age of 50!

Naturally Reduces and Prevents Wrinkles

When selecting lotions, facial creams, and related beauty items, women who are 50+ tend to seek out products that prevent wrinkles and signs of aging.

Due to its natural properties, CBD may achieve these important goals. One of the main reasons it is so effective is because CBD is full of antioxidants. These antioxidants help prevent free radical damage and reduce most signs of aging.

The substance also has potent anti-inflammatory properties. This is wonderful because it can further calm the skin.

As an alternative to conventional anti-aging products, many major retailers now carry CBD skincare. Additionally, well-known beauty subscription services now offer a hemp-based solution for aging. As many new CBD producers want to have their lines featured, it is becoming easier than ever before to find these products.

Provides Pain Relief

In addition to delivering powerful anti-aging properties, topical CBD application can also provide pain relief.

A recent CDC report revealed approximately 50 million American adults experience chronic pain. Individuals over the age of 50 face higher instances of this type of health challenge. While harnessing the anti-aging benefits CBD body lotion, women can also use it for the purpose of decreasing pain in the neck, shoulders, and legs.

In a report from Harvard Health Publishing, proof of this claim was published in mid-2018. It was stated that:

“A study from the European Journal of Pain showed, using an animal model, CBD applied on the skin could help lower pain and inflammation due to arthritis.”

As well, the same source noted another study which showed how the substance can block neuropathic pain and inflammation.

While CBD beauty products can be used to achieve pain relief, the addition of concentrated CBD oil could further enhance these results.

Can Improve Sleep Quality

Older adults are highly susceptible to sleep problems, as reported by WebMD. However, for a variety of reasons, the use of conventional medication for insomnia may not be an option.

Factors such as existing prescriptions, conditions or sensitivities may limit or exclude the use of sleep-inducing medications. As a natural way to promote quality sleep, CBD oil can be used in a variety of forms. It has been shown to help those across age groups with all kinds of sleep challenges.

The substance is non-habit forming, does not make one drowsy during the day time, and can improve sleep when used topically or orally.

The CBD products that you use during your beauty routines including facial creams and anti-wrinkle eye creams may even be enough to help you experience better rest each night. Isn’t that wonderful?

Boosts Mood and Reduces Anxiety

As we age, Mental Health America reports that the risk of developing a mental health condition such as anxiety or depression still exists.

In some cases, this risk may even become elevated due to a variety of life factors including the death of loved ones or the onset of chronic health conditions.

If you or someone you know over the age of 50 experiences anxiety or depression, CBD may naturally improve symptoms. While it is always crucial to seek out the assistance of a mental health professional, you can begin using CBD in your beauty and self-care routines right away to start feeling the benefits.

Medical News Today published an article that examined studies that have been conducted on CBD, anxiety, and depression. Between 2010 and 2016, five separate studies demonstrated how much of a positive effect the substance can have on people with one or both conditions.

The research noted CBD is highly effective in alleviating symptoms of social anxiety, PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. One of the studies even demonstrated that CBD oil could have antidepressant effects.

A Few Items To Try

Lovebud Face Budder: A hemp-infused anti-aging moisturizer for all skin types. This product has great reviews and won’t break the bank.

R+R Medicinals Hemp Oil: This oil packs 1000mg of Hemp Oil and is peppermint flavored. Use this daily to help with pain, inflammation and to encourage a great night’s sleep.

Detoxifying Face Mask: If you love great facemask, give this one a try! Infused with hemp seed oil and seaweed, this mask calms irritated skin and adds a boost of hydration.

Hemp Pain Relief Cream: With 6000mg or hemp seed oil, this cream is wonderful for all your aches and pains. After a long day of movement, or if you suffer from chronic pain, a cream like this could work wonders for you.

Have you tried CBD beauty products? We want to hear how they’ve worked for you! Join the conversation in the comments below or on Facebook and Instagram.


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