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Why and how to practice self-care after 50

The term “self-care” has crept in to our shared vocabulary as women lately. The idea is to make sure to fill your own cup and that you are doing things for yourself. As women over 50 we can’t lose sight of this. I know we love to do for others and I know much like me, darlings, you are busy! So are there quick ways for you to care for yourself and give yourself a respite to decompress, while accomplishing a goal? How can we approach self-care after 50?

For me personally I like long showers. I’ve often told you that I do my best thinking there. I’ve invested in that space for self-care and have an absolutely fabulous rainforest shower. However, I am not at all suggesting you redesign a room in your home for this. There are much smaller ways to take care of the self-care.

Fortunately, I think the beauty industry has caught on and has created products that not only make us stop and relax, but are good for us too. Bath bombs with nutrients, lotions with relaxing essential oils, face masks that improve moisture or reduce oil all have those “self-care” properties while also taking care of something else. You can’t exactly run errands in a sheet mask! It forces you to sit down and think or read or watch a short television show while still accomplishing something else that is good for you. What is better than accomplishing two things at once, darlings!

So let’s talk about some quick ways to accomplish self-care for women over 50.

Face Masks

What’s more luxurious than a face mask? And so many can add moisture and help clean your skin. Here are products to treat your face:

Fresh Women’s Rose Face Mask – Buy it: $62 at Barney’s

Yes to Charcoal Peeling Mask – Buy it: $15.99 at Ulta

Dr. Jart+ Water Replenishment Cotton Sheet Mask – Buy it:

$7.50 at Sephora

Essential Oils

There are many ways to use calming essential oils in a self-care routine including compresses and putting them in a bath. Lavender, chamomile and rose are good options for essential oils. Here are some products that incorporate them:

Recover Bath Soaking Salts (Lavender + Eucalyptus) by Soapwalla – Buy it: $12 at Smallflower

Madewell x French GirlTM Lavender Sea Soak – Buy it: $18 at Madewell 

Everyday Shea Bubble Bath – Lavender by Alaffia – Buy it: $11.24 at Smallflower


Bath bombs can add oils and salts to your bath which are great for your skin. Milk powder and olive oil are two ingredients to look for in a bath bomb. Here are some suggestions:

Solar System Bath Bombs Set – Buy it: $48 at Uncommon Goods

ULTA Luxe Relaxing Bath Bomb – Buy it: $6.50 at Ulta

Love Bomb- Buy it: $7.50 at Ulta

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