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Original Date Ideas You and Your Partner Will Both Love 

Hello, my darlings. Today’s contributor is the lovely lifestyle blogger, Emelina Vigier. Emelina shares with us 9 great date ideas to keep that spark live. Enjoy!

Keeping The Spark Alive

Some couples do better than others at maintaining romantic intensity, even after having been together for years. According to scientists, novelty and excitement most likely play a role in this.

In a set of experiments performed by psychologists at the State University of New York, couples were asked to perform a series of mundane, repetitive chores in a laboratory setting. A second group of couples was presented with more challenging exercises–for instance, they were asked to race across the room with their wrists and ankles bound together.

The couples were then asked to describe their relationships and answer survey questions in order to determine their general level of satisfaction. Those who had just performed the more exciting, engaging challenges scored higher than the test group who had been assigned more mundane activities.

Conclusion? It seems that variety is indeed the spice of life.

If you’re tired of the same old happy hour specials and movie nights, why not try one of these fun activities with your significant other? At the very least, you’re guaranteed to end the date with some unique memories.

Plan a Cook-Off Challenge

Do you know the perfect guacamole recipe? Or perhaps your partner claims to make the best chili ever. Challenge each other to a cooking contest and invite a few friends over to act as judges. Whoever loses is in charge of doing the dishes!

Go to a Figure Drawing Workshop

Most art schools have open studio nights, during which participants spend anywhere between five minutes and an hour drawing live human models in different poses. Don’t worry if you’re not especially good at drawing; nobody is going to judge you. Most schools are more than happy to greet new, aspiring artists and will go out of their way to make drop-ins feel comfortable.

Go on a Kayaking Excursion

Get that adrenaline pumping! Rent a double kayak so that you can see how well you work as a team. You’ll both get to squeeze in a workout and you’ll have plenty of time to bond as you float downstream. One word of caution: paddling in harmony isn’t easy so don’t be surprised if your excursion brings on some unexpected challenges.

Play an Old Board Game…Or a New One

When was the last time you played Trivial Pursuit, Scrabble or Risk? Chances are you have at least a few board games stashed away in a closet somewhere, collecting dust. If not, take a trip to your local hobby store. Board games are making a huge comeback. You’ll be amazed at the number of exciting new games that have hit the market in recent years

See a Fortune Teller

Lovers have always held a special place in tarot and divination. Whether you are believers or skeptics, a reading is bound to be fun. Try not to giggle as the psychic describes your future together or gasp as you’re foretold that your relationship is doomed. The best part is that you’ll have a lot to talk about afterwards and you could luck into a genuine psychic who gives legitimately great advice for your future.

Go to an Art Gallery Opening

What makes art shows so much fun? The opportunity to discover new art, of course! But they’re great for people-watching too. See if you can spot the gallery owner, the featured artist, other artists and potential buyers. Reward yourselves with some free wine and cheese for every type of patron that you correctly identify!

Crash a Parade

Most communities host parades and other outdoor festivals at various times throughout the year. Find out when the next one will be held in your area and join in. Make sure you’re wearing matching costumes and accessories!

Organize Your Old Photos

This idea works best if you’ve kept a few shoeboxes full of old photos from when you were younger. Reminisce over the pre-digital days, when film rolls came in sets of 24 and you didn’t know how they’d turn out before getting them developed. Fill up an album or create a scrapbook of your fondest shared memories.

Go Stargazing

Find out when the next meteor shower will be visible in your area and ask your date to accompany you for a night of stargazing. You get bonus points if you set up a tent and turn it into a camping experience. If you don’t live near a camping spot, you can always stargaze in your backyard and cuddle under a warm blanket.

Try Something New

Couples who participate in activities that are off the beaten dating track show a significant hike in relationship satisfaction. So what are you waiting for? Try something new–you and your partner may be in for a pleasant surprise!

What are you favorite date experiences with your spouse or partner? Share in the comments below!

Emelina is a lifestyle blogger at Awearness. She’s currently based in Montreal, Canada.






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  1. Six years ago we purchased a tiny fixer upper on a lake near my husbands sister. Each weekend we would travel an hour and a half to this tiny cottage. Each time we would walk in that door it was like the great escape. We had so much fun it was being like a kid again. After 3 years we found a permanent home on the same lake and have retired there. Downsizing both the house and yard can be a challenge but we both enjoy boating, gardening and sharing good times with friends and family.

  2. Hello. I loved your article and ideas. My husband and I travel together. I am usually the planner. Her likes to stay home until we get where we are going. We have gone to Ireland, South Africa, Alaska, the Caribbean, London, New York, Acadia National Park and many other places over the years. From cities to hiking in nature, it has all been beautiful and we learn and grow together from it all.

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