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I love to shop till I drop. Unfortunately, with all my responsibilities, I find myself shopping on the run. 

My salespeople start hyperventilating when they see me rush into their department. They know I am going to rush out just as fast. 

They have a fitting room ready, waiting and filled with goodies. A glass of sparkling Pellegrino with lime is a must, and a face mask so my red lipstick will not ruin any piece of clothing! They know I will fly in like Mary Poppins and greet them with a smile and a hug. I’ll apologize that am late. And they know the drill. I will point and say either yes or no. After that, I’ll begin to try on our choices in a terror.

The key word in my last sentence is ‘our.’


Darling, become friendly with a salesperson who has style and loves her profession. That, my darling, is your most important accessory! Start with her, and you should have no problems finding great outfits and accessories. 

Though I am an experienced shopper over 50 who knows ‘her look,’ I admit I make blunders. Therefore, I believe the most important ingredient a woman needs in her shopping arsenal … is a salesperson who has style. Someone you can relate to and who you can trust to give you sound advice. 

The salespeople are an investment in your look. They know their inventory. They know when the sales will take place. Some are pros. Some are not. More importantly, they get you!

Shopping is an important part of your life. Even in the meat department of your market! You get what I mean.  

You want to be a happy and sound shopper. Therefore, my advice is to find the most knowledgeable person for your needs. And then take your time asking questions. Remember, some salespeople are pros, some are just talkers. Explain your requirements explicitly. Then tell him or her you want them to be your personal ‘go-to’ if you feel comfortable. 

This summer I decided to put accessories at the top of my list. Why? Because accessories can change the look of one outfit from casual to empowered to dressy. 

Maybe it’s as simple as a scarf tied around the handle of your bag or wrapped around your wrist. Perhaps a broach on your hat or handbag. Or a great clip in your hair! Accessories are the spice of your look.

best accessories, cat eye sunglasses Christian Dior via Honey Good in GreeceFAVORITE ACCESSORIES 


I dearly love and cherish my glasses. I tint all of mine in different shades of blue. Glasses are probably the first accessory a person notices. I think of my glasses as jewelry. This season I added two to my collection. A pair of Chanel and Christian Dior (pictured above!)

Each one of my handbags is a treasure to me. I love my Emilio Pucci wrap-around black on white. Ooh and I adore my over-the-shoulder LV, and pink Chanel and Christian Dior totes.

Tennis Shoes

When I buy fun tennis shoes, I smile. I bought a green pair of Cariuma. They are made with organic cotton, raw natural rubber, organic Mamona oil and cork. The company is conscious-minded, and the shoe is comfy! They come in all colors. I bought green because I think it is the most exquisite color on the color wheel and I love nature. The first time I saw them was on Helen Mirens feet and I loved them.


I never adored small bracelets. I swoon over large cuffs because they make a statement. This summer after much deliberation I gave in to the small bracelet. I purchased several!  

My favorites are very different from one another. One is an Hermes reversible thin leather strap blue on one side and camel color on the other. And the other is also rather dainty. It is small with gold balls and a tiny diamond rondel. The designer is Sydney Evan. I wear them with my large watch. The others are fun and colorful and I am enjoying them.


I cannot forget earrings! I bought emerald green earrings in Santorini, Greece. They are Lucent earrings by Swarovski. While I was in the Swarovski shop, I also bought a necklace. I was thrilled to see my earrings displayed in Virtuoso Life!

While shopping for clothing, I came across a stunning barret. I walked out with it! No clothing. My motto is: if you love it, can afford it, listen to your heart and buy it!

When I shop for my accessories, I am very diligent. I take my time. On these trips, I usually don’t need a salesperson. I know what I like; therefore, I don’t need advice. And, I like the alone time of exploring.

Last month I bought my granddaughter a necklace. A salesperson was behind the counter. She spent one hour taking out various pieces of jewelry for me to touch. I finally chose the gift. 

Politely, she asked who I was shopping for. “My granddaughter,” I replied. She smiled and said, “You chose the loveliest and most loving. Now I understand why you took so much time.” We became friends!


Shopping is not only about the relationship you have with your possessions. It is about the relationship you have with your salesperson, your greatest accessory; your best find. She or he is how you make your shopping an enlightening and positive experience. 


There are so many lonely women of all ages. And there are several ways to combat momentary loneliness. One of the ways is shopping! Meet a salesperson. Ask for her help and advice. Don’t just wander through departments. 

I cannot tell you how many salespeople have become my friend because I asked for help. So, get dressed and go shopping! It can be a win-win. Promise!!!


Many people have painters, plumbers, electricians, or floor laying professionals in their homes. They say hello, thank you, and goodbye. Not me. I open up a dialogue. 

I offer water, soda, and cookies. I ask if they need anything. In return, they provide me with wonderful work and interesting dialogue. I learn about their trade, their families, and how they will proceed. There is no room for loneliness when there’s lively conversation, interest in each other, and laughter.


Anton and Justino work for the company, and are in charge of choreographing the floor in our foyer. Our space is small but the job is intense due to the floor’s geometry. Over the course of three weeks, going on four, I learned that Justino’s granddaughter is an 11-year-old wrestler on her way to the Olympics. 

Justino showed me videos of her wrestling matches on his phone. She won her last match and is now on her way to Las Vegas for another. Justino  Is going with her to Vegas. He is such a proud grandfather and I was thrilled he wanted to share his happiness with me.


Anton walked in early one morning one week after starting our flooring. He said in his jovial voice, “Good morning, Honey Good!” I was floored!

I asked him how he knew my name. He explained that he looked me up after hearing the goings on at my home. And then he told me he signed up as a reader on!  I do have 20% male readers. He is a husband and father and one of the nicest people with the greatest personality. Such an abundance of warmth! 

I am fortunate to know both men and sales personnel who make my life happy. They are friends who provide me with sound advice and laughter. Not to mention beautiful accessories from jewelry to stunning flooring.     

Lastly, dear reader, share my advice with your friends! Women need women.

Would you agree that wonderful people are fabulous accessories? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Join the conversation in the comments below.

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  1. Good article, Susan. I agree shopping is a personal activity made more special if you can find that one salesperson who gets you. MAKING FRIENDS MAKES LIFE MORE INTERESTING AND BRINGS JOY INTO YOUR LIFE. We just had our home painted and the team became our friends because of their trust in us and our trust in them. Stay fabulous! Emily Markiewicz

    1. Wished we lived next door to one another. Even though we are miles apart I know you are there and you know I am there for you, too. Stay fabulous. xo

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