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Fashionable Fitness Attire for 50+ Ladies

Every Body is a Fitness Attire Body

My darlings, with spring here and summer around the corner, I am positive you have started to see fitness attire being worn all around town. Maybe it’s by younger generations of women or maybe you’ve seen an older woman sporting a cute pair of yoga pants and an airy top.

However, my darlings, if you are like a lot of women over 50, you may be afraid of wearing fitness attire out in public because it is too revealing or not appropriate for someone of your age. I’m here to tell you that that is not true! Fitness attire can be worn by all ages and sizes. Not to mention, I believe us women over 50 can look fashionable and trendy wearing anything we please. We just have to know how to wear the clothes we pick confidently and with grace.

This is how we do it, my darlings!

Layering is a Lady’s Best Friend 

A lady must always know how to layer her clothing properly. This does not just go for day or evening wear, but fitness wear as well.

Layers are very fashionable, classy and never go out of style. They are also very flattering on any type of body: big, tall, small, curvy, you name it, you can layer it.

How to Layer

I suggest starting with a fitted shirt or tank top first. That keeps your shape looking slim and fit. You can then add a light jacket or sweater on top.

If you want to get fancy my darlings, you can add a stylish fanny pack to cinch your waist. It is completely up to you!  Fanny packs can come in handy when either you do not want to carry a purse or you’re going on a long walk. Click here for some fashionable options to try one out.

As well, try to add texture to your sporty fashion. Play with different materials to create a fun look that will come off light and airy. After all, nobody wants to feel bogged down while wearing fitness attire.

Mix and Match Colors

When picking your fitness attire, choosing solid colors is a smart and simple option.

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the selection, because trust me darlings there are a lot of beautiful athleisure items out there, pick solids to mix and match. Not only will you be able to buy less and have many options, but you can’t go wrong with sophisticated basics no matter what type of clothing!

Supportive and Breathable Clothing 

My darlings, there is nothing worse than wearing fitness attire that doesn’t support your body, especially as a woman over 50.

Fortunately, there are so many supportive options, specifically in leggings.

Did you know they even make leggings and bras out of recycled water bottles these days? How amazing is that, my darlings! Not only can you buy a comfortable pair of everyday leggings, but you can also help the environment. This company carries sizes XXS-6XL so every kind of body can feel good about themselves and the planet.

If you’re looking for other high-waisted options with more color, my lovelies, I’ve found a few more options for you below. Just click the images!

I’ve also included a supportive option for anyone who may not be comfortable in tighter leggings.

Supportive Bras

We can’t forget a supportive bra, my darlings, can we? If you are a fitness buff or find yourself in need of a bra that is equally stylish, affordable and most importantly, well-made, I’ve found a few options for you!

Glamorise Women’s Elite Performance No-Bounce Cami Wirefree Sports Bra

Underwire Sports Bra

Racerback Evolution Bra

Protection from the Sun

With the spring and summer sun comes the need for sun protection. I am a very big advocate of sunscreen for women over 50 and I was surprised to find so many amazing Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) fitness wear.

All of their pieces are rated UPF 50+, which provides protection for your beautiful skin during outdoor activities and workouts. They are also breathable, so you will not get too hot in the coming summer heat. Good news my lovelies, a lot of these options also come in plus sizes.

Don’t forget, my darlings–if you wear a tank-top or t-shirt that exposes your arms, always wear sunscreen!

Best Hats for Fitness in the Sun

Even though you will be wearing sunscreen on your beautiful face, my darlings, these sporty sun hats will not only give you protection from the sunshine but also add to your stylish ensemble. A two for one deal!

Running Shoes Are In

Last but not least darlings, we finish our fitness attire with a pair of fashionable running shoes.

Running shoes used to be very unfashionable, but not anymore! They are now a trending topic for 2019. As there are so many sleek and stylish options to choose from, it was hard to find just a few pairs to pick.

It is also important to remember that you should choose a shoe for not only its looks, but also for how it feels on your foot. You do not want to be walking around in a painful shoe, my dear readers.

If you can, visit your local shoe store and try on several pairs before purchasing. Have an expert find you the right fit. Trust me, it will be worth the extra time and effort.

Share Your Favorite Fitness Attire

That is it, my darlings! I hope you enjoyed my tips and picks for fashionable fitness attire for women over 50. Please comment and discuss your favorites. I want to hear from you!

Post pictures of your ensembles on Facebook or tag me in your Instagram stories. I would love to see your fashionable looks, my darlings.

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