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Let’s Play Ball… and Eat!

Feb 2, 2019

Who’s ready to play ball? With Super Bowl LIII happening tomorrow, I’m sharing a sneak peek at the buzz-worthy game happenings, what to eat, and more!

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Why December is my Favorite Month of the Year!

Dec 24, 2018

December, to me, is the most romantic month of the year. I love the holiday season. I feel a boundless awakening mixed with emotional wonderment. December is also the perfect time to teach the value of giving to children and grandchildren; that giving a gift is more important and heartfelt than getting a gift. But there’s more…

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How to Travel Stress-Free and Enjoy The Ride

Dec 7, 2018

Having the opportunity to expand my worldliness in a multitude of ways has been a marvelous world history class. To study as I travel, I taught myself organization skills. Skills I want to share with you in my musings, today. I can sum it up like this: How to travel stress-free and enjoy the ride.

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Tracking Your Data

Dec 3, 2018

No matter what stage of life you are in, it is important to know your financial health. Find out how to calculate yours!

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Why Haggling Is Essential When Traveling… And How To Embrace It!

Nov 26, 2018

Many Americans are uncomfortable when it comes to bargaining for goods in foreign countries, yet bargaining is inherent in many cultures around the world. Native peoples have developed this communication skill for centuries, exchanging live chickens for bags of rice, avocados or woven cloth. And you can learn it, too…

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