How to Live a Positive Life After 50+

Sep 10, 2019

We all face challenges in our lives. That’s part of being human. However, by using positive psychology, we can reexamine every situation as either a blessing or a lesson that makes us stronger.


Every Grandmother Has Her Story to Tell

Sep 8, 2019

A look back at the important women in my life and the way they’ve positively influenced me. Their teachings and my own experiences are lessons I continue to pass onto my grands today so these multigenerational relationships can flourish.


How to Give Back to Yourself

Sep 5, 2019
Nurturing myself is neither selfish nor narcissistic; it is emotionally and physically healthy. Here are a few of the ways I practice giving back to myself.

Age Discrimination and Discovering Our Power After 50

Sep 2, 2019

Guest Contributor Paula Marie Usrey explains her experiences with age discrimination and her work involving positive aging and standing up to ageism. By embracing positive aging, we can stand up for ourselves and show the world how great we feel about ourselves too!


Why I Decided To Take A Negotiation Class

Aug 27, 2019

I took a two-day intensive negotiation class under the leadership of Dr. Chester Karrass to both help prevent family skirmishes that can be easily subdued and become more astute in my business transactions. What have you learned recently that pushes you to thrive?


Is 70 the New 50?

Aug 26, 2019

We welcome Guest Contributor Carolyn Baum to the blog, who explains how she continues to thrive after 50. She will soon be celebrating her 70th birthday and provides us advice about fully engaging in life and living with gratitude.


Oy, Now She’s Getting an Apple Watch

Aug 22, 2019

A look into the working relationship between myself and the woman who keeps my life together, Ines. Our recent discussion about the Apple Watch is a perfect representation of our sisterhood.

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