What Do Shopping And Friendships Have In Common?

Sep 24, 2019

We must be as judicious and selective when choosing our wardrobe as we are when selecting the individuals who become our best friends. Here are the qualities to look for in a best friend to ensure you have strong relationships.


5 Lightbulb Moments From ‘The Week That Was’

Sep 19, 2019

Life is filled with unexpected little pleasures, treasures, newsy news and of course, darlings, the unexpected. Those are what I call lightbulb moments. Here are my 5 lightbulb moments from the other week and the resulting moral of each story.


How To Conquer Feeling Alone

Sep 17, 2019

Loneliness affects many more people than we realize, my darlings. If you occasionally feel lonely, here’s an introspective way to better determine how to reduce these feelings. By writing down our inner monologues, we can better control the outcome!


You Never Know What Effect You Will Have on Someone

Sep 16, 2019

Guest Contributor Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, otherwise known as The Enchanted Self, illustrates the benefits of positive psychology and details the profound impact of the encouragement she received when she was eight years old. 


How A Hip, Happy Grandmother Embraces New Technology

Sep 15, 2019

This month I’ve been obsessed with one particular piece of technology: Slack. It’s an efficient way to organize communication within a workplace and it can even be used with family and friends to stay in touch!


Lessons From My Dear Friend, Marihelen

Sep 13, 2019

Guest Contributor Ginny Gallahan speaks about the importance of friendship, the benefits of lifelong relationships with women and what her loss has taught her.


The Tools I Used To Survive Widowhood

Sep 12, 2019

Widowhood and a sudden loss of love can be an unexpected change for anyone. Here are the steps of mourning I used to get me through that complicated time.


Taking The Right Supplements After 50+

Sep 11, 2019

Which vitamins should we take after 50? Guest Contributor Dr. Sarah Brewer shares both her recommended supplements as well as dosage sizes with us today so you can be the healthiest possible version of yourself!

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