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What to get your mother for mother's day Honey Good

What to Get Any Mother Figure for Mother’s Day 2023

If you’re still looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gift for your mom, look no further. And I don’t say that lightly, I mean it… you can stop looking. After today you can simply contemplate how you are going to make her day special and show her you care. MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS FOR ALL TYPES […]

Holidays, Mother's Day, Style

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Honey Good's closet with accessories for women over 50

Stylish & Sassy Scarves From Amazon & Beyond for Women Over 50!

It’s spring and life is beginning to buzz! When I think of shopping, as a woman after 50 who has one too many pairs of black slacks (sound familiar?), I think about accessories — my #1 love! And since I love to share the love, scarves are just the sort of thing that make wonderful […]


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What to get your mother for mother's day Honey Good

Cut the Fluff

I have the habit of cutting my hair. I walk into my kitchen, open a drawer and take out my kitchen scissors, walk them into my bathroom, and cut my hair! Yesterday, I got the urge to cut, cut, cut. It was uplifting. As I was cutting I thought to myself that I was snipping […]

Advice, Home, Organization, Passages After 50, Self Care

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Keeping in Touch Keeps You Alive and Lively

6 Ways Mid-Life Divorcees Can Heal and Create a Beautiful New Life

Today’s important story on how to come out of divorce after 50 healthier and happier (with 6 practical tips!) was contributed by Rachel S. Ruby, an attorney, and former certified divorce mediator. Enjoy, darlings! Divorce is one of the biggest traumas faced by humans, and although it is never easy it can be especially difficult […]

Advice, Passages After 50, Relationships, Self Care

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Honey Good out shopping

How to Regain Your Natural Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is important to life motivation. I don’t believe anything can be accomplished without enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is getting an enormous thrill out of ordinary events. I know. I used to feel this way daily. Now, only at times. The opposite of enthusiasm is apathy. I know this feeling. It’s best described as feeling a lack […]

Advice, Self Care, Wellness

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