The words of the Dalai Lama, “Do Not Let the Behavior of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace,” are on a poster on my Facebook page. Recently, when I read his quote, it struck me because it validated what I experienced of late and adamantly believe. I have learned not to let the bad behavior of others destroy my inner peace. How? I ‘accept’ what I cannot control.

Inner peace


One day at the Golden Door Spa, I walked a labyrinth, considered a spiritual tool for transformation.

My ultimate concierge and I — along with a guide — were on a morning hike that ended at the top of a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean. On a flat piece of the land was a labyrinth. Our guide asked my ultimate concierge and me to enter the maze. My husband said, “No.” I decided to take her advice because of my curiosity.

We are all aware a severe problem cannot be solved overnight. Transformation is a spiritual happening defined as, “the process of evolving into your answer.” A change often appears to happen all of a sudden, like mine did that day, but in reality, I had been thinking of ways to solve a severe problem for over two years. What happened that day on the mountaintop was the culmination of the process that finally revealed to me the answer.

My "Accept" Stone


The moment I entered the labyrinth, my problem came into focus. I was shocked because I began with a blank. When I finished my walk, I had resolve. I felt my physical being lighten and my mind, anything but blank. A serious dilemma found its emotional path to a solution.

After the experience, I walked up to our guide and thanked her for giving me the nudge I needed. And, then she opened up a bag holding several engraved stones, each with a different embedded word.

She asked me to reach into a cloth bag and choose my stone. The word inscribed enforced my resolve further. The word: ACCEPT. My little stone with its essential word sits on my perfume tray in Chicago. Every morning and each evening as I give myself a spritz, I see the word, accept, and my resolve is reinforced that I am capable of not letting the behavior of others destroy my inner peace.


One of the most important reasons I feel visible, relevant and fulfilled is because I reach out to life. I don’t wait for life to reach out to me, because it won’t. Reaching out to the unknown is often scary, but so what?! Would you rather bloom at this stage of your life or become a shrinking violet?

The reason I was able to solve my problem was that I allowed myself to reach out to an experience I was not keen on. Look what happened. I bloomed from my experience. I am a 100% ‘bloomer woman ’ fierce on being open to my dreams and new experiences. I want you to follow me down the bloomer brick road.

Darlings, a bloomer is a woman who flourishes in all of her life. She leaves her door open to all possibilities. She finds her inner bloom. And, my darlings, over 50 this is a benefit, not a liability. We have all the necessary tools to be anything but shrinking violets. We are bloomer-lishous women.

If you have dreamed of being a jewelry maker (one of my friends started in her sixties) or a chairman of a large unpaid organization (a friend, in her seventies), it’s time to get “growing!”

Would you like to go back to college, or enter politics? I have a friend who ran for city council and WON in her seventies!

Perhaps you wish to plant your first garden (as a friend in her fifties did) or complete your bucket list (I know a person who had a list of 50 and just finished them all) or take up a new hobby. Do it! Don’t procrastinate, darlings. Remember: you have bloomer powers! Don’t wait for ‘someday’ when your stars are all aligned! La De Da.

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